“to seek and save the lost.”

There will never come a time when we can agree on everything but we can agree on one thing, millions of people from every nation are lost and they need a Saviour. Jesus came for that purpose, ‘to seek and save the lost.’ This is the same mission He commissioned His church to do—‘to go and make disciples of all nations.’ This is not the number one mandate of the church but the only one!

— Charlie Ayuno

Our Vision/Mission

Christ’s Corridor Red Deer
exists to honor God and advance His kingdom through making disciples by planting house churches and establishing strategic assemblies along Calgary-Edmonton Corridor and beyond.

We make disciples and raise them so that ultimately they will make disciples that will make disciples too.  Most of these disciple-making happens in the houses of the believers and when house churches multiplies, we hold a strategic assembly gathering in that area on a weekly basis.

Dreams and Dreads

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