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We value God’s Word.  So we believe the BIBLE as the only standard of faith and practice.

We value the salvation of every human being. So we share JESUS as the ONLY Savior and way to heaven.

We value obedience. So we proclaim the LORDSHIP of Jesus Christ in everything.

We value connecting people to Christ. So EVANGELISM should be a way of life not an occasional activity for every believer.

We value spiritual progress.  So we teach DISCIPLE-MAKING as a call for every believer.

We nurture an empowering culture therefore we are raising a holy generation and CHRIST-LIKE LEADERSHIP.

Our Core Values width=

Our Core Values width=

We value connectivity to Christ’s Church.  Hence, being part of a FAMILY of the saved or the church, His kingdom is indispensable.  Not a personal option but God’s design.

Loving God above all and others as yourself.  In line with this we value the statement that:  “In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, and in all things charity.”

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