When Facing an Uncertain Future

(Genesis 40 – 41:1-45)


  • Dreams’ dungeons
  • Fear of the future


We know that it is always the dreamer that will be tested not the dream. There are amazing lessons we can glean on how “Joseph the dreamer” endured the dark dungeons to live his dreams. When faced with uncertain future:


  1. He kept believing that God is in charge. (v. 8)
  • Believe that God is in control even when your circumstances is seemingly out of control.
  • God knows how to make it all workout.
  • God will lead you to a dungeon beyond your control so that you’ll know who is in control. Let God be God!


  1. He didn’t doubt that God cares. (vv. 9-15)
  • God is taking care of you when it seems you are alone. He is working hard behind the scenes of your life. vv. 50-52
  • He made everything out of nothing. He can handle your dungeons.


  1. He knows that God will remember.   9-16
  • God can’t be distracted. He’s not affected by time.  Amnesia is never His problem.
  • You count on Him. 41-44



  • Anything under God’s control is never out of control.
  • God cares. Go to sleep and live your dreams.
  • God always remembers. You’re not forgotten.
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